Tortuguero is the jewel of the Caribbean slope, located on the North Caribbean side of the country. The area has a large variety of biological diversity due to the existence of different habitats, including rainforest, swamps, beaches, and lagoons. Despite its remote location, Tortuguero is the third most visited destination in Costa Rica, accessible by boat or by plane. Tortuguero offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful and lush rain forests in all of Costa Rica. Morning Canal Expedition: Begin this magical adventure by exploring the canals of the National Park on a Morning Canal Expedition. Abundant wildlife inhabits Tortuguero National Park, including over 50 species of amphibians, over 100 species of reptiles, 60 species of mammals and more than 300 species of birds for all or part of the year. During this incredible 2-hour boat ride, keep yourself alert and expect the unexpected! Visit to the Tortuguero Village: Don’t miss your chance to mix with the locals at the Tortuguero Village. Strolling through the only village of Costa Rica that doesn’t have any cars or motorcycles, will allow you to admire some of the lovely handmade crafts of the region. Your purchases, which support the local economy, will be appreciated as well. Afternoon Canal Expedition: The best thing about a Morning Canal Expedition is having the chance to go on second tour in the National Park in the afternoon. As our boat journey on this network of canals stretches north, you will commonly see wildlife such as Monkeys, Caimans, Lizards and Birds. You are certain to increase your list of fauna at this unique National Park of Costa Rica.