The Central Valley

The Central Valley Area refers to the lush, green area found south of the San Jose Metro area. This strikingly beautiful area has a mild and dry climate year-round which attracts more than 70% of the population of Costa Rica. The Central Valley Area offers many diverse activities in its surrounding areas. Waterfall Gardens Nature Park: This is a little piece of heaven right in the middle of Costa Rica! In this tropical park you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls, amphibian and reptile exhibits, a butterfly farm, the Wild Cats of Costa Rica Rescue Center and an Aviary in one location! Conveniently located close to the capital city of San Jose, it is easy to spend a full day at this magical garden area. Poas Volcano National Park: Just an hour away from San Jose, the Poas Volcano National Park is the perfect place to hike in the Cloud Forest. The beautiful trails take visitors into a journey they will never forget as they view the crater of this amazing volcano on clear days. Irazu Volcano National Park: Approximately one hour away from San Jose we find the highest Volcano of Costa Rica, the Irazu Volcano. At the very summit is the “Paramo Forest” unique at this altitude of over 11.500 feet above sea level. It is an easy bus ride from Cartago City to the very summit of this “Sleeping Giant”. From the summit, a short hike through the “Playa Hermosa”, an extinct crater, will lead us to the main crater. Doka Estate Coffee Tour: Live the real coffee experience like you never have before! Doka Estate is a productive 500 acre coffee farm where we learn about coffee production. Every step is demonstrated from the nursery to the harvesting, from the coffee mill to your cup. Doka will make you more appreciative of how that “simple” cup of coffee becomes part of your life. National Theater & Museums: As a relatively new city, San Jose offers several interesting sites that are worth exploring. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, The National Theater, Jade Museum, National Museum all offer glimpses into the history of Costa Rica.