Rafael was born in Heredia , Costa Rica.
Growing up in the coffee plantations of the central valley....He had direct contact with nature and learn a lot about coffee.
Later in his life he studied English as a second language and obtain his certification as general guide in Costa Rica from the national learning institute.
He began working as a guide in 1991 and through out the years he learn a great deal about nature and tropical biology in several nature courses some in some of the most prestigious institutions such as the OTS and university ulacit.
His knowledge of the country combined with his passion for nature gives him the opportunity not only to share the very best of his country with his travelers companions ....but also allows him to enjoy his work.
He has a particular interest in marine turtles.... Interest that started when obtained his turtle guide certification from the CST in the Tortuguero National park in the early 90's.
"I believe Costa Rica is a pioneer country in conservation ...And Iam very proud to be born in what I consider on of the most beautiful places in the world"