As a destination that was first made popular by surfing enthusiasts, Dominical has recently been a popular location for nature lovers as well. A three-hour drive from San Jose through stunning scenery will bring you to this little quiet out of the way place. Located in the Central Pacific area, Dominical is the perfect combination of beach, nature and tranquility. Marino Ballena National Park: Enjoy this beautiful protected beach and National Park. This area provides a safe breeding ground for over 70% of the total Cetaceans, or whales and dolphins of the world. These majestic mammals migrate to these warm waters of Costa Rica. During the whale season there will be Whale Watching Expeditions available. Baru Private Biological Preserve: This a great place where Rain Forest and Ocean combine producing abundant trails filled with natural history. Enjoy every corner of this beautiful place as the Naturalist Guide informs you of the area. Los Cusingos Private Reserve: As well as government managed National Park areas, Costa Rica has land designated as private reserves. “Los Cusingos” is a private reserve protected by the original owners of this great place. Trails through the amazing Rain Forest flora offer many chances to observe different species of birds, reptiles, and mammals.