Arenal Volcano

Arenal is certainly one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica! Located about two hours north of the capital city of San Jose, it has become a magnet for volcano watchers, adventure seekers and assorted travellers from around the world. It is a “must visit place” on your Costa Rican expedition with many great attractions.

  1. Arenal Volcano National Park: As the official protected area, this National Park offers the best view of the majestic Arenal Volcano. Its scenic trails allow visitors to hike to the 1992 lava flows amid a beautiful part of the rain forest.
  2. La Fortuna Waterfall: Located in the center of the incredible Rain Forest, this pristine river provides visitors one of the most spectacular shows of nature. After taking some awesome pictures of this breathtaking waterfall, you can relax and enjoy a peaceful swim in its crystal clear waters.
  3. Don Juan’s Organic Farm: Here you will have the amazing experience of meeting a real Costa Rican farmer, Don Juan. He will proudly show you his two acres of 100% organic farmland, which produces enough food to feed forty people per day. Enjoying a delicious, organic lunch here is a perfect ending to this adventure.
  4. Horseback Riding: You will have the opportunity to ride on a beautiful horse for two hours! Travelling on private ranch trails gives a unique view of the rain forest, and pastureland with beautiful landscapes.
  5. Natural Hot Springs: This is perhaps one of those activities that you shouldn’t miss! The best ending to a wonderful day is to relax in the many hot pools found here that are all naturally heated by Arenal Volcano.
  6. Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge: One of the best ways to enjoy wildlife in Costa Rica is on Safari Boat Trip. During this two-hour tour you will discover many different species, such as monkeys, caimans, lizards and beautiful birds! You will definitely have a longer list of wildlife seen in Costa Rica after this amazing experience.

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