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About Costa Rica

Not only is Costa Rica a leader in peace, it also is known for its efforts in sustainability. Our country has been recognized for its efforts to preserve its natural resources, creating an environmental conscience among its people. Costa Rica is dedicated to passing the messages of sustainability and accessibility from generation to generation. Having 5% of the biodiversity of the planet is a huge responsibility and that is why the creation of National Parks and protected areas is one of the country’s priorities. Costa Rica has almost 30% of its territory designated as protected land. The Caribbean region of Costa Rica stands out for its variety of ecosystems and its beautiful rain forests, which provide a perfect setting to photograph the many species of tropical flora and fauna.

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About Distinctive Expeditions

Designing amazing “Life Experiences”

Distinctive Expeditions was born in 2008 by a local Naturalist Guide and Amateur Nature Photographer, Jeffrey Muñoz. His vision was to create a company, which would help people turn a simple trip to Costa Rica into one of their most amazing life experiences. With over 20 years of experience in the tourist industry of Costa Rica, Jeff loves to combine his knowledge of the country with his valuable understanding of the needs of people when traveling.

Created for you
Distinctive Expeditions will cater to many different types of clients: families, groups of friends who want to have fun, adventure seekers, amateur and profesional photographers, nature lovers, adrenaline addicts, romantic couples, etc. Regardless of the size of the group, the number of days and what your specific interests are, we will design the perfect expedition for you.

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Sustainable Travel

Certification of Sustainable Tourism Commitment All of hotels used by Distinctive Expeditions hold a Certificate of Sustainable Tourism. In order to qualify for this award, the hotel must practice conservation in three areas. The resort must be environmentally conscious by ensuring any activity minimizes damage to the environment (flora, fauna, water, soils, energy use, contamination, etc.) and ideally tries to benefit the environment in a positive way (through protection and conservation).The property must be socially and culturally aware so that any activity does not harm, and may revitalize the social structure or culture of the community where it is located. Finally the hotel must be economically responsible by continuing to contribute to the economic well-being of the local community. A sustainable business should benefit its owners, its employees, and its neighbors. Distinctive Expeditions is committed to using hotel/lodges/resorts who are recognized for their efforts in these three areas of conservation practices in Costa Rica so our country can be enjoyed by photographers, travellers and citizens for generations to come.

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